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There are many nerves in the human body but there is one nerve that is commonly an issue that could lead to pain and other uncomfortable or disconcerting symptoms. That nerve is the sciatic nerve and it originates in the area of the lower back and then travels through the buttocks and down the back of both legs. When a person experiences difficulties with this particular nerve, it can result in an issue that is known as sciatica. Many people in Frisco, Hurston and throughout the Dallas Metroplex have a problem with sciatica. In many cases, it is a treatable condition.

Sciatica is not actually a diagnosis of a problem and it is not a medical issue. It is, however, a symptom of a greater problem that deals with the sciatic nerve. When the sciatic nerve is pinched or if pressure is put on the nerve in any way, it can result in sciatic nerve pain, which is part of sciatica. In addition, there may be other symptoms that are associated with sciatica, including pain that becomes worse when you are sitting, constant pain in one leg or on one side of the buttock, a difficulty with moving your toes or foot, leg pain, numbness, weakness and in more extreme cases, it could result in a difficulty with incontinence.

Sciatica is an issue that involves the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the human body. The sciatic nerve is actually comprised of a number of nerve roots that begin in the spine and branch out through the lower back and ultimately, form what is known as the sciatic nerve. When you have a problem with the sciatic nerve, it can lead to sciatica symptoms. It is rarely an issue before somebody turns 20 and it typically tends to develop when we are 40 or 50 years of age.

Some people that have sciatica in the Dallas area are going to seek medical attention because of the severity of the issue they are experiencing. For others, sciatica may be more of a nuisance but there are times when it can get quite serious. In fact, the neurological symptoms that could include a loss of bowel or bladder function can be progressive and may be difficult to control. Sciatica may involve spinal tumors or infection as well. In more extreme cases, it may be necessary to consider a surgical procedure to correct the issue. In other cases, physical therapy and other nonsurgical options may be able to help.

Board-Certified Neurological and Spine Surgeon

If you live in Richardson, McKinney or anywhere else in the Dallas Metroplex and are suffering from the symptoms of sciatica, you can contact the office of Dr. Dickerman. As a board-certified brain and spine surgeon, he can offer you the treatment options that can help to get you back on your feet again. Sciatica can be an issue that changes your life but with the right types of treatments at your disposal, you may be able to get back up and moving again in no time at all.

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