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Rob Dickerman, DO, PhD, FACOS, in Frisco, Texas, offers comprehensive neurological and spine care management adults in Frisco, Texas, and the surrounding area.

Led by Dr. Dickerman, a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, the medical team addresses a variety of spine injuries and conditions that cause back pain, leg pain, and other types of chronic pain.

Dr. Dickerman and the team focus on nonsurgical, conservative therapies to manage pain and help the body heal itself. Treatments include medications, trigger point injections, joint injections, and spine injections. Customized treatment plans focus on getting people back to work and the active lifestyle they enjoy.

The practice works with a network of local physical therapists and chiropractic care specialists to rehabilitate painful injuries and prevent long-term musculoskeletal damage. The team can also refer people for psychological consultations when necessary to help them better cope with the impact of a chronic pain condition or spine injury.

When conservative therapies fail to control pain or can’t treat a spine injury or degenerative spine condition, Dr. Dickerman offers a variety of surgical procedures using the latest minimally invasive techniques. Available spine surgeries include cervical spine surgery, spinal fusion surgery, and laminectomy procedures to treat sciatica, spinal cord compression, and osteoarthritis.

For people who have spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries, Dr. Dickerman and the team offer comprehensive care for side effects of these injuries like muscle cramps and spasticity.

They provide nonsurgical and surgical options for relieving persistent muscle spasms and pain, including rhizotomy procedures to destroy nerve roots and intrathecal pain pumps to minimize chronic pain.

The office features an on-site surgery center on a hospital campus that offers easy access to advanced imaging tests and surgical suites for the convenience of patients.

To schedule a consultation, call the office of Rob Dickerman, DO, PhD, FACOS, today, or book an appointment online.

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The human spine is made up of many independent parts. Most people are aware of the existence of vertebrae and the intervertebral disc material, but they only make up a portion of the entire spine.

Kyphoplasty’s and why they are needed

The spine is one of the most intricate parts of the human body. It is a part of the central nervous system and it contains the spinal cord, which is a bundle of nerves that send messages to and from the brain.

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Words from our patients

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    "I am very pleased with my visit and am quite sure I shall be free of pain very shortly. Thank you and your staff, Dr. Dickerman. You are one of a kind!"

    Sue H.
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    "Dr. Dickerman and Staff have been GREAT! I have been through 4 surgery and was not interested in another."

    Lloyd J.
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    "Everyone was awesome. Prompt and professional. Thorough and detailed explanation. Best experience. Highly recommend Dr. Dickerman and his staff"

    Stephanie M.
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    "The staff and other employees were very helpful and friendly. They were very professional as they operated as a team which you don't see that often in today world !"

    Cynthia C.
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    "Because of their wonderful/knowledgeable staff I am still able to walk and should be able to regain feeling. I would recommend this staff to anyone."

    Nancy S.
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    "Dr.Dickerman and his staff are so kind and knowledgeable. He treats me like a person and explains things to me even though my issues are rather complicated."

    Kierra B.
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    "I can't say how thankful I am because I have never received such positive, thoughtful care from day one in the office before surgery to follow-ups after surgery."

    Li T.
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    "Dr. Dickerman is a great surgeon and has helped me tremendously. I would never go any place else after having him operate on my back. Thank you Dr. Dickerman"

    Mickey B.
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    "Rob Dickerman is one of the finest Neurosurgeons I have ever met. He is knowledgeable and personable and really cares about his patients."

    Jill K.
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    "Very professional, flexible and always looking for solutions and try to accommodate anyway they can."

    Minu Y.
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