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Brain Procedures


There are many issues that can occur in the human brain and some of those issues could lead to severe problems that may persist for a lifetime. When you have any type of brain problems, it is important to seek the proper medical attention so that you can have the issue corrected in the best way possible. Using a board-certified spine and brain surgeon is one of the best choices that you could make. Many people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area turn to Dr. Dickerman because he is one of the best of those surgeons found throughout the United States.

Most people come to Dr. Dickerman because of spinal problems but the fact of the matter is, he is also quite capable of treating brain problems as well. In fact, there are a number of different brain procedures that he specializes in and he even consults with various organizations on a regular basis in order to improve brain procedures throughout the United States and around the world. There are a wide variety of issues that he may treat, including some of the following.

Most people recognize that they have this type of a problem when certain symptoms begin to appear. Brain issues may affect the degree of pain that you experience on a regular basis, as well as affecting your vision and causing a host of other problems. If you are experiencing any difficulties persistently, it is best to get medical attention.

One of the most common brain procedures that are performed by Dr. Dickerman is to operate on a brain tumor. Brain tumors may be either primary or secondary, with the primary starting in the brain and the secondary metastasizing to the brain from another part of the body. Benign brain tumors are relatively common but even a benign tumor can press on the brain and nerves in the area, leading to a wide variety of symptoms. It takes skill in order to operate on such a tumor, and Dr. Dickerman can do it in the best way possible.

There are times whenever tumors may also metastasize to the brain. Some types of cancerous tumors may start in another organ of the human body, such as the lungs or the liver and may spread out to other areas of the body from that point. This process, known as metastasizing, is one of the more common reasons why people end up with cancerous brain tumors. It is estimated that as many as 45% of everyone with cancer is also dealing with cancerous brain tumors.

These are only a few of the many different brain procedures that may be done by Dr. Dickerman and his qualified staff. When you’re dealing with this type of serious problem, you want to get the proper treatment and to have somebody that is going to care for your needs on an individual basis. When you call Dr. Dickerman, you can rest assured that he will look at your case and provide you with solutions that are going to work best for you and your particular problem.


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