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Laminoplasty Procedure


There are many different issues that can occur to the human body but when they occur to some of the more complex parts of the human body, such as the spinal column, the issues can be quite severe.

Back problems are some of the most common issues that people deal with throughout the Dallas Metroplex and in cities such as Plano and McKinney. Nationwide, back pain accounts for more missed days from work than any other issue.

Some cases of back pain are going to be temporary and somewhat easy to overcome with bedrest but other cases of back pain can be more severe and may even require surgery if they are unable to treat it properly with a nonsurgical procedure.

Back Problems

One of the back problems that many people experience is spinal stenosis. This is an issue that some people may have from birth but other people develop stenosis as they get older and experience certain spine problems. It occurs when the spinal column is intruded on, perhaps by a tumor or by a herniated disc and it ends up putting pressure on the spinal cord. Many people who suffer from spinal stenosis have a severe problem with pain and it may be difficult to live their day-to-day life in a comfortable way. It can also cause certain neurological problems that include numbness, tingling and other issues that may radiate out to the extremities. In more severe cases, this type of compression on the spinal cord could result in the loss of bladder or bowel control.


There may be various surgical procedures that can be done to treat a case of spinal stenosis but one of those is a laminoplasty. This surgical procedure is done to relieve some of the pressure on the spinal cord and when nerve compression is a problem, it helps to release that issue as well. Spinal laminoplasty is made up of two different terms, including lamina, which means the back of the spine and plasty, which means to surgically repair.

Laminoplasty is performed while you are under general anesthesia. You can contact Dr. Dickerman in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to perform this procedure. He is a great choice as a surgeon for any type of spinal procedure and he has consistently won awards as the best spinal and neurological surgeon in the United States. He will be there throughout the procedure along with his surgical team to ensure that your vital functions and central nervous system are well looked after during the procedure. A hinge is created on one side of the vertebrae and then it is removed so that he can access the soft tissue that may be compressing the spinal cord.

A wedge is put in the position during the laminoplasty to help remove the pressure off the spinal column and to relieve the issue with spinal stenosis you may have been experiencing. After the procedure is completed, you will then go through a period of recovery and this will require certain, specific steps to be followed. More than likely, you will have questions about this surgical procedure and what to expect when it is completed. The first step in the process is to contact Dr. Dickerman and he will be able to answer your questions and to put your mind at ease as to the possibilities of getting relief from your spinal stenosis.


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