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Patients Testimonials


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Lanny Wadkins, Professional Golfer

Lanny Wadkins,
Professional Golfer

“As a professional golfer for over 30 years, I have had a lot of wear and stress on my low back.After suffering with leg pain and instability in my low back, I came to Dr. Dickerman for relief. He decompressed the nerves and performed a fusion of my lower two discs. I am now pain free and playing golf again. It’s the best I have felt in years!”


Ronnie Coleman, 8-time Mr. Olympia

Ronnie Coleman,
8-time Mr. Olympia

“Dr. Dickerman has taken care of my neck and back problems for years which has allowed me to continue my career as a professional bodybuilder. He knows how to manage the athlete and limit damage to muscles for a quick recovery.”


Freddie Jones, Professional Football Player for Arizona Cardinals

Freddie Jones,
Professional Football Player for Arizona Cardinals
“Dr. Dickerman, Thanks for helping me get back on my feet and back into the game of life.”


JoAnn Herold,
Bella Vista, Arkansas

“I was referred to Dr. Dickerman for difficulty walking and weakness. My MRI demonstrated severe spinal cord compression. My husband and I drove to Plano, TX and I underwent surgery for my spine in Septembeer of 2007. My surgery went very well and I regained my strength and coordination. My husband and I were very pleased with Dr. Dickerman and his entire staff. We were treated with compassion and concern. I have referred several friends to him for surgery.”

Leroy Thomas,
Fort Madison, Iowa

“After having pain in my neck and arm for 15 years my daughter who lives in Texas and ask me to come down from Iowa to see Dr. Dickerman. He performed a thorough examination and demonstrated to me and my family the problems in my spine. I subsequently underwent spinal surgery and was so pleased with my immediate relief of the pain I became emotional & had trouble talking about it. I have been pain-free for over two years now. I highly recommend Dr. Dickerman!”

Lynne Sabel,
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

“When I was advised that I might need spinal surgery, I decided to travel from Wisconsin to Texas, in order to be with my family. My daughter obtained a referral to Dr. Dickerman. He was extremely thorough in explaining the problems with my spine and gave me several options for treatment. I felt very confident in proceeding with the surgery. His entire staff accommodated my needs, including my travel itinerary, in an efficient and timely manner. I feel great and would highly recommend Dr. Dickerman.”

Paul Wight, “The Big Show”,
Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Movie Star

“I met Dr. Dickerman several years ago at The National Institutes of Health (N.I.H.) in Maryland and he has been my neurosurgeon ever since. He manages my pituitary disorder and has recently taken care of my back problem. His treatment methods allowed me to continue my career in professional wrestling for years.”

Steve Goggins,
Worlds Strongest Man, 2005,
First person to ever squat over 1100 lbs

“As a powerlifter, we place enormous amounts of weight on our spine almost daily. Dr. Dickerman knows the specific biomechanics involved in the spine and athletes. He took the time to explain the MRI of my spine to me and the exact pathology involved. He continues to manage my spine problems with great success.”

Cathy Sharp,
Amateur Golfer

“I was referred to Dr. Dickerman for evaluation of my spine. I was surprised when he demonstrated to me the severity of the spondylolisthesis (slip) in my lumbar spine. I had a grade 2 slip at L5-S1 and grade 1 slip at L4-L5. Dr. Dickerman was confident with a minimally invasive fusion I would be able to return to competitive golf. Approximately four months after surgery I was back on the course and have not missed a step since!”

Randy Watson
“At the risk of overstating my opinion of Dr. Dickerman, ‘miracle worker’ fits the occasion”

Thomas Wardell
“Dr. Dickerman and his staff are courteous and professional. I felt as if I was talking to a member of my family or a very close and dear friend. Great Staff!!! Y’all keep up the great work! Thank you for making me feel like your #1 patient!”

Dannie Collins
“Dr. Dickerman did an outstanding job on my back surgery. Having had 4 back surgeries before this one, Dr. Dickerman was at the top of the list.”

“With the magnitude regarding spine surgery, this entire process was handled incredibly well. So far, I am VERY pleased.”

Clinton Gantt
“Everyone was great! Very professional, knowledgeable, & comforting.”

Eugene Apel
“Staff is always pleasant, caring, and thorough. If one has to go through this, this practice is the group to go through it with.”

Jay Woody, M.D.
“Great care and I appreciate help and flexibility in accommodating me. Thank You.”

Also, Click Here to read testimonials from Doctors Patients Testimonials 2

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