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About Doctor and Staff


Mission Statement

The primary goal of Dr. Dickerman’s practice and North Texas Brain and Spine Institute is to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction through premier service, sensitivity, and successful medical/surgical care. You, the patient, are the focus of our existence and we will make every effort to surpass your expectations while also trying to improve your overall quality of life. We have demonstrated our dedication to improving neurosurgical care by our extensive training and continued research into improving surgical outcomes. This dedication continues to keep us at the top of neurosurgery and we will continue to strive to be the benchmark for which others try to achieve.

Benefits of Choosing a Neurosurgeon

Why Choose a Neurosurgeon?

The common misconception about neurosurgery is that neurosurgeons specifically perform brain surgery. However, a neurosurgeon can also provide the highest level of expertise in spine disorder treatment. In fact, the majority of operations performed by neurosurgeons are spine surgeries. Neurosurgeons spend about 80 percent of their time treating spine disorders. All neurosurgeons in the United States are trained to diagnose and treat (surgically and nonsurgically) disorders of the spine during a six to a seven-year residency program. Physicians who graduate from a neurosurgery program have usually assisted with hundreds of spine procedures. For those who go on to complete a post-graduate fellowship, they undergo a focused and intense training on the spine for an additional one to two years.

Neurosurgeons are exclusively trained to perform procedures on the entire spine, including the spinal cord and the inside lining of the spinal canal. With the spine encasing the spinal cord and nerves, many patients choose to take the extra measure of safety when undergoing spine treatment and choose a neurosurgeon.

  • Neurosurgeons complete more spinal surgery training than any other specialty.
  • Neurosurgeons are trained in treating diseases of the spine throughout a 7-year residency.
  • Neurosurgeons are the only physicians who treat the entire spine including the spinal cord.
  • Neurosurgeons spend about 80 percent of their time treating spine problems.

Meet the Staff

The office staff includes administrative assistants, surgical coordinator, office manager and a Nurse Practioner. Dr. Dickerman has hospital privileges throughout the North Dallas Area. Dr. Dickerman is currently involved in several clinical trials including an artificial cervical disc, implanted-chemotherapy for brain tumors and minimally invasive pedicle screws.

Meet the Staff 2


Dr. Dickerman has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on spinal and brain surgery ( He continues to publish papers and textbooks on advances in spinal and brain surgery while also lecturing at conferences to other surgeons and residents on advances in neurosurgery.

The Top Doctors in America

The Top Doctors in America
Dr. Dickerman was voted by his peers as one of the top neurosurgeons in America.


-American Way Magazine


TX Top Docs

Newsweek’s Top 15 Leaders in Neurosurgery
-Newsweek October 2011


Newsweek’s Top 15 Leaders in Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery Expert 1

Neurosurgery Expert

Dr. Dickerman named as 2011 Neurosurgery Expert in D Magazine Medical Directory. read more…

Neurosurgery Expert 2Neurosurgery Expert 3 Neurosurgery Expert 4 Neurosurgery Expert 5


Neurosurgery Expert 6Neurosurgery Expert 7Neurosurgery Expert 8Neurosurgery Expert 9


Neurosurgery Expert 10Neurosurgery Expert 11Neurosurgery Expert 12Neurosurgery Expert 13


Neurosurgery Expert 14Neurosurgery Expert 15


and has been named by
D Magazine as one of the
Best Doctors since 2009


Medical Directory

Read in D Magazine why Dr. Dickerman is one of the best Neurosurgeons in Dallas.
read more…


Dr Dickerman’s Biographical Sketch

Dr. Dickerman’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) pdf.

You may need to Download and install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the CV.

Dr Dickerman’s Biographical Sketch 1

Dr Dickerman’s Biographical Sketch 2

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