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Doctors Testimonials


Who do Doctors choose to do their own spine surgery? Here are comments from a few of the physicians who underwent surgery by Dr. Dickerman.

Also, Click Here to read testimonials from Patients.

Doctors Testimonials 1

Dr. G.P.
Board Certified Emergency Room Physician
Weatherford, TX
“I drove from out of town to undergo an elective cervical spine surgery with Dr. Dickerman. I had a C6-7 performed, awoke pain-free with improved strength and went home in am, back to work in 3 days after surgery. I am extremely happy to be pain-free and back at work.”

Doctors Testimonials 2

Dr. N.S.
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Jackson Hole, WY
“I traveled from out of state to have Dr. Dickerman perform my surgery. I underwent a minimally invasive lumbar surgery and had total relief of leg pain upon awakening and was on my way home in less than 23 hours. Highly recommend him!”

Doctors Testimonials 3

Dr. J.M.
Board Certified Family Practice Physician
Dallas, TX
“I suffered a horrible back injury working in the yard, had excruciating back and leg pain. I went to see Dr. Dickerman who performed my lumbar spine surgery and I was back at work in one week seeing my own patients. I refer all my spine patients to him!”

Doctors Testimonials 4

Dr. M.W.
Board Certified Interventional Cardiologist
Fort Worth, TX
“Dr. Dickerman did a cervical spine surgery on me for excruciating neck and arm pain. I awoke with no pain and was seeing my own patients the same day. I am very pleased with his work!”

Doctors Testimonials 5

Dr. J.M.
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Bedford, TX
“Dr. Dickerman performed my two level lumbar spine surgery and relieved my leg and back pain immediately. I was back performing my own surgeries in less than two weeks. I highly recommend him!”

Doctors Testimonials 6

Dr. T.G.
Board Certified Interventional Cardiologist
College Station, TX
“Dr. Dickerman was recommended to me by one of my colleagues and I am very happy I went to see him. After years of leg pain and progressive weakness, Dr. Dickerman decompressed my nerve root and gave me my life back. I really appreciate his work and professionalism.”

Doctors Testimonials 7

Dr. H.S.T
Board Certified General Surgeon
Waco, TX
“On January 6th, I was back to work full time seeing patients in our wound care center. I have been very careful to follow, to the letter, Dr. Dickerman’s post-op instructions and have done very well. I remain pain-free with some mild residual numbness and tingling in by feet which improves with each passing day. I can walk standing straight up instead of being hunched over like an old man. I’ll be 71 years old in March, I weigh 260 pounds and am 70” tall. By all rights, I am a perfect candidate for post-op complications. I attribute my uneventful recovery to Dr. Dickerman’s superior skill as a surgeon along with his post-op instructions.

From the beginning of my contact with Dr. Dickerman and staff my experience has been nothing less than superb. Everyone with whom I came into contact was extremely courteous and very helpful. My youngest son is a neurosurgeon and he recommended Dr. Dickerman for my surgery. I traveled several hours to see Dr. Dickerman and am thrilled with my results.”

Also, Click Here to read testimonials from Patients.

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