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Corpectomy & Fusion


The spine is one of the most complex parts of the human body. It involves a number of bones that are known as vertebrae along with sponge-like material that is in between each of the vertebrae, known as the intervertebral discs. When all functions properly, the spine allows you to move, bend, twist and even stand upright. When problems occur, however, the effects can be quite severe and the symptoms may last for quite some time. In some cases, surgical intervention may be necessary to overcome the difficulty in the best way possible. That is the case with Corpectomy & Fusion, a surgical procedure that can help to alleviate symptoms of certain spinal problems.

The nerves from the spinal column branch out through the vertebrae and into other areas of the body. Those nerves carry signals to those parts of the body and transmit signals from the body back to the brain. If there is any pressure put on the nerve from surrounding tissue, however, it can result in a variety of symptoms that are both uncomfortable and life-altering. In some cases, it may cause severe pain to occur in the area but that pain may also radiate out along the nerve to the extremities. Other symptoms may extend beyond the pain that is typically experienced and could include weakness, numbness, and tingling in the area and in other areas of the body. Neurologic symptoms may also be possible, including a loss of bladder or bowel control.

There are many issues that could result in a pinched nerve occurring. A herniated disc is one of the more common of those issues but there may be other problems involved as well. Spinal fractures can be one issue that they need to be considered by a spinal surgeon. Osteoarthritis may also be a problem, particularly as we get older. Degenerative disc disease is also an issue that can result in herniated discs and a problem with spine pain. If those issues result in spinal stenosis, Corpectomy & Fusion is a procedure that may be able to help.

Corpectomy & Fusion is a surgical procedure that removes bone spurs and other issues that may be resting on the nerve and causing the symptoms that you are experiencing. In essence, it enlarges the passageway so that the nerve can pass through without any interruption. It is performed under general anesthesia and many people experience relief from their problem immediately after the surgery has been performed. Typically, Corpectomy & Fusion and other surgical procedures are only considered when a nonsurgical option is not possible or does not work as expected. When you have to have surgery completed on the spine, it’s important to choose a doctor that is competent and able to handle the problem in the best way possible.

Throughout the Dallas Metroplex and in cities such as Hearst and Allen, people trust Dr. Dickerman with all other spine care needs. As a board-certified spine and neurological surgeon, he is able to competently handle the process of Corpectomy & Fusion as well as other procedures that may be able to help you. A call to his office will get things started and then he can provide you with a diagnosis and potential solutions for the problem that you are experiencing.


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