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Spinal Stenosis & Herniated Disc


Spinal Stenosis Problems

Among the many back issues that may occur with individuals in Plano, Prosper, Richardson or throughout the Dallas Metroplex, spinal stenosis is one that can cause significant pain. It can be caused by a wide variety of issues, and is typically categorized as being either primary or secondary. Individuals who have primary spinal stenosis have had a problem since birth and it is considered to be a birth defect. They are born with spinal columns that are narrower and when they get older, it can present problems. There is also an acquired spinal stenosis and this occurs when disease or injury affects the spine.

One of the issues that can result in a case of acquired spinal stenosis is a herniated disc. Other issues can include osteoarthritis and other cases of wear and tear that occurred to the spine, typically because of the aging process. There may also be a number of disc problems that could result in spinal stenosis as well. These types of issues can occur in different ways, including a problem with a degenerative disc, bulging discs, and a herniated disc.

Herniated Disc Problems

In the case of a herniated disc, a tear occurs in the exterior of the disc and the interior, softer part is able to extrude to the outside. This type of a disc problem, which can also be called a ruptured or slipped disc, can result in a significant amount of difficulties. One of the most common issues that are associated with a herniated disc is the pain because the disc is resting against the nearby nerve. They can also cause additional symptoms, including numbness, tingling or weakness in the nearby area or extending out into the extremities.

At times, a herniated disc can lead to a problem with spinal stenosis. If the issue with the herniated disc protrudes into the spinal canal or if it pinches a nerve in the area, it can lead to swelling and that may restrict the amount of space that is available in the spinal column. As a result, the reduced space could end up putting pressure on the nerve roots or the spinal cord and this leads to a difficulty with spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is a problem it can lead to a significant amount of pain in the back or in the neck. It can certainly affect your quality of life when you have this type of difficulty.

Herniated Disc & Spinal Stenosis Surgeon

Dr. Dickerman is a spine surgeon is able to treat the causes of spinal stenosis and if it occurs as a result of a herniated disc, there may be a number of treatment options that could be considered. Some of these treatment options may be nonsurgical, including the possibility of reducing swelling and pain through injections. This can help to free up some space in the spinal column and may take pressure off of the spinal cord. Contact Dr. Dickerman’s office today for a consultation and to see how he can help you to overcome the problems you are experiencing.

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