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Dorsal Column Stimulation & Spinal Cord Stimulator


Most people are quite surprised with the intricacies involved in the workings of the spinal column. In fact, they may not even give it much thought at all until problems begin to occur and they start to do some research. One of the issues that are associated with the spinal column is the fact that severe pain can occur when things are not operating properly. That pain is being transmitted to the brain through the nerves and although it can be a normal part of life, chronic pain may result when your brain is receiving those instructions unnecessarily.

A number of conditions can cause chronic pain and they are directly associated with the workings of the spine. For example, an individual who has had back surgery in the past that did not quite work out as it should need to have the condition treated. This type of issue is known as failed back surgery syndrome and it is more common than most people realize. Another issue that can lead to chronic pain is complex regional pain syndrome, which is just a general term to describe the severe pain that somebody may be experiencing. Pain may also occur as a result of refractory angina pectoris and it may be caused by a peripheral vascular disease.

In order to overcome this problem, your doctor may decide that dorsal column stimulation, which is provided through a spinal cord stimulator, may be the proper route to take. When you consider the fact that the pain you are experiencing is actually a result of electrical signals that are being sent to the brain through the nerves, then producing electrical signals may help to reduce the pain and in some cases, can effectively help you to control it.

When the spinal cord stimulator is installed, it is first installed on a temporary basis so that you can test out the unit and see how it works for your needs. If you find that it is helping to reduce the problems that you are experiencing, then a surgical procedure may be done to insert the spinal cord stimulator so that you can get all the benefits that it has to offer.

Electrodes are used to stimulate the spinal cord and as a result, this can block some of the signals that are sending the chronic pain issues to the brain. It has helped many people to overcome these difficulties and can continue to help them because they can adjust the type of electrical signal and the strength of the electrical signal that they are sending.

Spine Surgeon

Although spinal cord stimulators may help to relieve some of the pain, it is not a cure for any type of issue. There may also be other solutions available and you can discuss these with Dr. Dickerman when you sit down for your initial consultation. Regardless of whether you need a spinal cord stimulator installed or not, Dr. Dickerman can provide you with the help that is necessary to overcome your problem.

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