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Spinal Column – Cord Tumors


Some of the different health problems we may face could be fairly common. For example, many people in the Euless and Mckinney area suffer from lower back pain. This is not only a common problem, it is the most common reason why people miss work in the Dallas Metroplex and throughout the country. Although there may be a number of issues that could result in back pain, one that could occur is a spinal tumor. This is a rare problem but when it does take place, it can be a serious problem that requires medical attention.

When you have a cord or spinal column tumor, it can put pressure on the nearby nerve or perhaps on the spinal cord directly. Although most of these tumors tend to be lumped into one category, they actually can be split into different types. For example, if the tumor affects the spinal column and the bones in the area they are typically known as a vertebral tumor. On the other hand, if the tumor started in the spinal cord directly, it is known as a spinal cord tumor. In either case, it could cause a significant amount of problems for those who suffer from it.

Another consideration for spinal column and cord tumors is the possibility that there may be cancer involved. Not all tumors are cancerous and in some cases, they can be benign. In either case, however, they may pose a significant problem because they can continue to grow. As they do grow, they continue to crowd the area of the spinal column, and that space is very limited to start with. Both a cancerous tumor and a benign tumor would require medical treatment but the person who has a cancerous tumor is dealing with a critical situation that needs to be checked and corrected by a doctor.

In some cases, the tumor will start in the spine directly. If that is the case, they are known as a primary tumor. A primary tumor may end up spreading to other parts of the body and they are very rare. In addition, the majority of primary spinal tumors are not cancerous, although it is important to have them checked to ensure there aren’t any problems. A secondary spinal or cord tumor is a type of tumor that started elsewhere in the body and spread to the area of the spinal column.

There are many issues involved with spinal tumors, although the symptoms may differ from one person to another. Some of the possible symptoms include pain or a loss of sensation or movement below the area where the spinal tumor exists. Nerve damage may occur and could be permanent. In some cases, it could change your bladder or bowel function.

Spine Doctor

If you suspect that you may have a cord tumor or if you have an ongoing problem with back pain, you can contact Dr. Dickerman. You can them get the help you need, as he can diagnose the problem and establish a course of treatment to help you.

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