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Extreme Lateral Approach


Most of us are familiar with back pain and unfortunately, it can be a chronic issue for some. It is more than just pulled muscles and in some cases, the very nerves may be involved. That is why many people experience severe pain in their back are not actually experiencing back pain, but rather nerve pain and a type of spine pain. This issue can result in the localized pain that you experience but because the nerves are involved, it may also radiate down the back of the legs, through the arms and even into the feet or hands.

One of the problems that many people experience as they get older is an issue with degenerative disc disease. Although many people would think that this is actually a disease, it is really just a degenerative issue that occurs with the intervertebral discs. As we get older, we tend to be less hydrated and the discs may become hard and less flexible. As a result, they begin to break down and cause many of the problems that would occur if we had a herniated disc at a younger age. The pain can be severe but it can also restrict our movement and cause many other symptoms as well.

One of the options that your physician may consider if you are dealing with degenerative disc disease is a procedure that is known as an extreme lateral approach. Many of the techniques that approach the spine in order to handle problems with the intervertebral discs are rather invasive and some of them may disrupt the major muscles through the use of retractors. The lateral approach is actually a lot less invasive than those other types of techniques so it is often able to be done with only the minimum incisions necessary.

There are many benefits to the extreme lateral approach when you compare it with the other types of surgery that may be done. In either case, the portion of the damaged disc that is causing the problem may be able to be removed. In addition, a bone graft is put into place so that eventually, the vertebrae are going to fuse together. Either type of procedure is going to relieve the pinched nerve and can help with the pain you are experiencing. The real difference is the fact that the extreme lateral approach can often be done on an outpatient basis and the recovery time is a lot less of an issue.

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When you are considering this type of surgical procedure, it’s important to consider the surgeon as well as where it is going to be completed. For those in Allen, McKinney, Bedford or anywhere in the Dallas area, the best option you have available is to choose Dr. Rob Dickerman. He is more than a neuro and spine surgeon, he is the leading doctor in his field and has won many awards that prove it. If you need somebody to perform spine surgery, use Dr. Dickerman because he is the best option available. 

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