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Cervical Spine Procedures


The human spine is a very intricate part of the body. It is made up of small bones that are known as vertebrae that are separated by a spongy material known as the intervertebral discs. The spine allows us free movement and it operates both independently and as a unit. There are also some problems that could occur with the spine and when they take place, it can cause some real issues. Those problems can affect any part of the spine with varying degrees of problems associated with it.

Typically, we tend to think about the lumbar spine when we think about back problems. That is the lower part of the back. It is also possible to have problems with other parts of the spine as well, including the area of the neck, known as the cervical spine. This type of issue can lead to pain and stiffness in the area as well as radiating pain, numbness and a tingling in the arms. In some extreme cases, it can affect the ability to use the hands properly as well. When these types of problems occur, your doctor may consider using one of the cervical spine procedures to correct things.

Perhaps the most important thing for having any type of spine problem corrected is choosing the doctor that will take care of you. If you live in the area of Frisco, Allen or Mckinney, you can contact Dr. Dickerman, as he is recognized as one of the leading spine surgeons in the United States. Not only is he able to perform cervical spine procedures properly, he may even be able to recommend a non-surgical procedure that could help to alleviate the problem and get you back to your life again. Contact the offices of Dr. Dickerman to get started.

One of the many different cervical spine procedures is the anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. This neck surgery is designed to help remove pressure on the nerve root or spinal cord by removing part of a damaged disc. After the disc is removed, the fusion part of the procedure takes place. Two of the vertebrae are fused together so they can’t move and further irritate the nerve. Of course, this is only one of the many different surgeries that are possible.

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Cervical spine procedures often take place from the posterior, or back position. It is often easier to reach the problem and correct it when the incision is made from the back of the neck. Sometimes, however, it may be better to approach the problem from the anterior, or the front. Dr. Dickerman, a spine surgeon, can make the determination as to which is going to work better for your condition.

Like any procedure, an operation on the cervical spine comes with some risk and can take some time to recover from as well. These are all things that can be discussed with the doctor before the procedure is completed. It is much better to know what you are up against in advance as it can give you some peace of mind.

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