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Adult Spinal Deformity


Although there are many problems that can affect people in Dallas and the surrounding area, one issue that may occur is a spinal deformity that takes place during adulthood. This type of adult deformity occurs when an unnatural curvature takes place in the spine. Most people automatically think about scoliosis, and that certainly is one of the conditions that could be included in the adult deformity category. There are also other issues that could result in deformity as well, including having multiple fractures, kyphosis, and ankylosing spondylitis.

Spinal Deformity Issues

There are also different types of adult deformity issues that can affect the back in different ways. For example, scoliosis is going to cause curvature that goes from side to side. On the other hand, kyphosis and certain other conditions can cause a front to back curvature in the spine. Any of these can cause problems but surprisingly, many adult deformities are not going to cause pain in most cases. The only reason why they typically cause pain is if the spinal canal is affected so that there is not enough room and pressure is put on the nerves. In addition, if the movement is restricted as a result of the deformity, there may also be some pain involved as well.

Another common issue associated with adult spinal deformity is problems with the discs or facet joints. As a result of these issues that typically occur during our old age, there may be some compression that occurs. This is a problem that could lead to back pain and deformity that occurs progressively over time. There may also be additional neurologic symptoms that could include tingling or numbness that extend out into the extremities. In either case, it can be a difficult condition to deal with.

Osteoporosis is another condition that can result in differences in bone formation and eventually, could collapse the vertebral bodies and lead to a progressive type of spinal deformity. As is the case with problems with the intervertebral discs, osteoporosis can result in significant pain when the spine is concerned. In addition, the muscles in the body tend to atrophy as we get older and this can make it difficult to support the spine in a natural way that it is supported when we are younger.

In some cases, it may be possible to consider a nonsurgical option to treat a case with adult deformity. There may be braces that could be worn or, in some cases, joint or steroid injections may be considered to help reduce the pain that the patient is experiencing. As is the case with any type of spine condition, a nonsurgical option is always considered when possible.

Spine Surgeon In Plano and Dallas

If you live in the Dallas Metroplex in areas such as Plano or Allen you can contact the offices of Dr. Rob D Dickerman. As a board-certified neurological & spine surgeon, he can offer you the treatment options that may help with your adult deformity and can assist you in regaining your life again.

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