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Treatments for Sports Related Injuries to Your Back

Back injuries can be traumatic, and they may occur for any number of several reasons. One of the more common reasons that they take place, however, is when a sports-related injury occurs. Although it is good to be active, and living an active lifestyle can keep you healthy, there are going to be issues sometimes when you’re playing sports that could lead to an injury. When the injury involves your back, it can be extensive and can affect your quality of life in many ways.

It is not uncommon for people to experience back pain. It is one of the most common reasons why people miss work, and eight out of every 10 Americans are going to feel back pain at some time in their life. Although it can happen to anyone, athletes are more likely to experience the problem but at the same time, they often tend to overlook the possibilities for getting the treatment that they need. It may be that they are just trying to tough it out or to minimize the pain but, there may be times when medical help is needed.

First, it doesn’t matter what type of sport you play, it is possible to experience a back injury because of it. More active sports, such as skiing, running, skating and football tend to be more traumatic to the body and can result in a spine injury. If you have any type of accident while you are playing sports, make sure that you stop playing right away. Don’t try to work through the pain because any type of spine injury that you may have can get worse as a result. Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing, you can get some rest or seek medical attention.

There may be several options available for treatments for sports injuries to the back. These can include stretching and massage, heat, compression, ice, elevation, over-the-counter medication, physical therapy and rest. One of the most important things for you to do is to talk to a physician and see what the best treatment options are for your needs currently. Dr. Rob Dickerman has helped many people in the Frisco area to begin healing from any sports related back injury they experience. He can also assist with any procedures that may be necessary if the injury is more complicated.

With any type of a back injury, regardless of whether it is a sports injury or work-related, a nonsurgical treatment option is going to be considered first. Physical therapy, bed rest and chiropractic care may help to adjust the back and help to relieve some of the pain that you are experiencing. In some types of sports injuries to your back, however, the damage may be severe. As an example, a herniated disc can cause severe pain because the disc material may be pinching a nerve. This is not a type of pain that is just going to go away on its own in many cases. It may even be necessary to have spinal surgery, depending upon the extent of the injury.

Some of the surgical treatments for sports injuries to your back may include spinal fusion, a disc replacement, laminectomy, kyphoplasty, and implants. The first step in the process, however, is to talk to a physician so that you can know the extent of your injury and discuss any viable options to help reduce the pain you are experiencing and get you back on your feet again.

One of the questions you will probably have is if you are going to be able to play the sport again. This is also something that may differ, depending upon the type of sports you are playing and the injury you have experienced. It’s a good question to ask Dr. Dickerman when you visit him in his office. He can help to give you a realistic overview of what to expect from various treatment options that may be available.

As an athlete, you may also be in an advantageous position to recover properly from the treatment options that may be provided. It is still important for you to follow any instructions that are given to you by the doctor. It will help you to have the best chance for recovery, and to get back to playing the game once again.

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