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Spinal Fusion Surgery

There are many times when we may suffer from broad problems but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are going to need spinal surgery. From time to time, however, we may injure our back so severely that it is necessary to go through a surgical procedure and one of the more common is a spinal fusion surgery. This type of surgery joins two vertebrae or perhaps more together so that they act as a single structure. Since it keeps those bones from moving back and forth in opposition to each other, it works to your benefit.

There are a number of reasons why spinal fusion may be considered. Before it is given, however, it may be possible that various nonsurgical treatments are used in an attempt to help you overcome your pain and perhaps to strengthen your spine. Some of the options that may be included in nonsurgical procedures are spinal injections, medication, and physical therapy. A lot of testing will need to be done prior to the time that a fusion surgery is required but if it is necessary, you should choose a quality and specialized physician. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Dr. Dickerman is the best choice available.

Although fusion surgery may be performed for a wide variety of reasons, it is more likely to be successful at helping you overcome your pain if you have certain problems. Some of the more common problems that could lead to spinal fusion include scoliosis, broken vertebrae, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, tumors, and Spondylolisthesis, which is a shifting forward of one of the spinal discs. There may also be a wide variety of other reasons why the surgery is performed and once you have your diagnosis from Dr. Dickerman, he can discuss the treatment options with you.

Prior to the time that you have this procedure, Dr. Dickerman will go over a number of issues with you in regards to your health and medical history. This would include knowing any medications that you may be taking or have taken prior to the time that you have surgery. Even over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin could be unsafe but you should never stop using medication that was prescribed for you unless your doctor tells you to do so. You should also find out about any restrictions prior to the time that you have surgery, such as if you can eat or drink before the surgery takes place.

Spinal fusion can either be posterior, where your doctor will go in from the back to access the spine or interior, where they go in from the front. Once the incision takes place, the spine is exposed and any damaged discs are removed. At that point, the fusion surgery can take place.

It may take some recovery time before you are able to get back to your normal way of life but once the fusion takes hold, you are likely to experience a lot fewer problems in association with your spine.

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