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Proper sitting positions for reducing back pain

Proper Sitting Position

Suffering from back pain

When you suffer from back pain, it can really affect your quality of life in many ways. Sometimes, it seems as if you just can’t get the proper position and it doesn’t matter if you are sleeping at night, sitting in an office chair during the day or relaxing in front of the TV in the evening, pain is going to be your constant companion. Sometimes, making small adjustments in your position can make a difference and that is why many people are looking for the proper sitting positions for reducing back pain.

More than likely, you are like most people and you spend most of your day sitting down. It doesn’t matter if you are commuting to and from the office, working on the computer at home or watching TV, the sitting position tends to be the one that we find ourselves in. This was not always the case, and it certainly has an impact on your spine health. That is especially true if you already have problems with your spine and are just trying to get by until you can get them corrected.


One of the most important things to consider for proper sitting positions is your posture. When you have good posture, your body is aligned properly. It alleviates much of the tension that could otherwise occur if certain muscles in the back were overstressed during that time. When you have proper posture, it can reduce the strain you experience while sitting and even while moving about. It relieves some of the issues associated with the ligaments, muscles and joints and they can help to improve your balance when moving about as well. Perhaps one of the most important things to consider about good posture, however, is the fact that it can improve your spine health.

Although you may find yourself in a number of different areas or types of seats, there are some specifics to consider improving your sitting position and reduce your spine pain. One important consideration is to keep your feet planted firmly on the floor. If you have a footrest, this may even be a better option. Don’t sit with your ankles or knees crossed. Yes, it may be proper to sit with your ankles crossed but when you are sitting in a chair comfortably at home or at work, you can avoid that issue.

Another issue that can result in spine pain is by using the wrong type of chair. Don’t have the back of your knees directly against the chair. There should be a small gap in between the two. Your knee should also be the same height as your hips or, preferably, slightly lower than the hips. The position of your ankles is also important. They should be in front of the knees.

The shoulder should be relaxed, and the forearms and knees should be parallel to the floor. Sit up straight and look forward. Many people experience back problems, specifically neck problems, because they are constantly hunched over and looking down at their computer screen. Sit straight up and look forward to help reduce this problem.

One other thing to consider is that you should not sit for an extended amount of time if you can avoid it. If possible, get up and take a break to walk around the room for a little while, as this can really help to relieve some of the pressure off of your back.

Of course, there are going to be specific issues with some people and you may find that it is more comfortable if you alter your sitting position to a certain extent. There are some specific things to avoid, however, such as slumping to one side or hunching over so that your spine is bent forward. Change your position occasionally, so that you don’t put too much stress on a particular part of your spine for an extended amount of time. You should also make sure that your back is fully supported while you are seated.

If you are having spine problems and find that it is necessary to change your sitting position, talk to Dr. Dickerman. He has helped many people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to overcome their spine problems. As a board-certified neurosurgeon, he can perform any surgery that is necessary but, in many cases,, he can also assist by suggesting lifestyle changes that will help to get you back on your feet again.

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