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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

There are many different things that may take place if you are having a problem with your spine. One of the options that may be considered is the possibility for surgical intervention. This type of operation can be done for exploratory reasons or the possibility of correcting any issues that may be taking place. Common reasons why surgery takes place on the spine include herniated discs, fractured vertebrae and degenerative disc disease. It is an option that may be considered for certain types of conditions.

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in cities such as Plano, Richardson or Frisco, you can contact Dr. Dickerman for assistance with your back problems. He has helped many people to overcome their difficulties, including world-class athletes and many individuals within the Dallas Metroplex. People will even come from across the country to use his services and the expert care that he provides.

Although there are many different types of spine surgery, the preferred method is known as minimally invasive spine surgery. This is a type of surgery that is performed by Dr. Dickerman. Rather than exposing a large area and causing extensive damage in order to reach the spine, minimally invasive surgery works through a very small incision and using specific instruments in order to reduce any problems that may be associated with the surgical procedure.

There are many benefits to using minimally invasive spine surgery in comparison with more traditional spine surgery. Perhaps one of the most notable benefits is seen in the recovery time. Since a very small incision is being used and the muscles and tendons are being manipulated to the least extent possible, the recovery time is greatly improved. It also reduces the possibility for blood loss and infection. The pain associated with surgery can also be reduced when it is minimally invasive.

Although this type of surgery may be required in some cases, it is not going to be the first option that is considered by Dr. Dickerman. In fact, many other options may be considered before spinal surgery is recommended. This would include pain management in some cases or the possibility for therapy that would help to reduce the problem to the greatest extent possible. There are a wide range of options available and it really depends upon the specific problem you are experiencing and how extensive the problem is.

There are a number of different spinal problems that may be able to be corrected or helped with the use of minimally invasive surgical procedures. These could include a lumbar discectomy and lumbar fusion. Anytime that a surgical procedure is recommended, the possibility for using one that is minimally invasive will be considered.

If you are experiencing back problems and live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can contact Dr. Dickerman for assistance. He has treated many people with high success rates, including professional athletes. In many cases, they were able to be treated with nonsurgical methods but if surgery is required, he is the best choice for your problem.

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