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Hardware Removal

When spinal problems occur and surgery is performed by a doctor, the patient is in high anticipation of living a life free of pain and difficulties. Some of the different spinal procedures that can relieve you of pain and other spine injury symptoms include spinal fusion surgery and discectomy. In the case of spinal fusion, there may be certain types of hardware that are installed in the area in order to stabilize the spine until a bone graft grows. Unfortunately, there are times when that hardware causes problems. If that is the case, your doctor may decide that hardware removal surgery is the best choice for you.

If you have had spinal fusion surgery, it is likely that the hardware is not going to cause any problems. Many people live their entire life with pedicle screws and other forms of hardware installed in their body and never experience a problem or discomfort. Other people, however, have spinal fusion surgery and as a result of the hardware, they are now experiencing chronic pain. Your doctor may decide that managing the pain with medication or steroid shots is the best choice but they may also decide that hardware removal surgery is an option worth considering.

It is important to recognize that removal of any hardware from a spinal fusion surgery is not likely to take place unless certain types of problems exist. In some patients, an infection sets in and it can cause some real difficulties with the hardware in the patient. If the hardware breaks or is defective in some way or another, it can also result in chronic pain. There may also be times when the hardware is not placed properly or is protruding too far and interfering with your normal movement.

If you require this type of surgery or are curious if your hardware is causing you problems, you can contact Dr. Dickerman. He has been helping people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area in cities such as Richardson and Plano to overcome their spine problems. Contact him today for a consultation and to see what is possible when it comes to treating your spine.

When spinal hardware removal surgery is required, your doctor will want you to prepare for it in advance. This may include stopping certain types of medications, although you should never stop using a prescription drug unless your physician gives you the okay to do so. Your doctor may also require that you fast for up to 12 hours before the surgery and prepare your home in advance for your arrival.

The original incision will likely be opened in order to expose the hardware so it can be removed. Dr. Dickerman can perform the surgery in the best way possible. He has helped many people to overcome their spine problems through both nonsurgical and surgical procedures. Contact him for more information about your spine problem and how you can get the relief you desire.

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