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Cervical Spine Doctor

Any part of the back had experienced severe problems but one of the common areas that are injured or degenerates due to age is the cervical part of the spine, the neck.

What is a Cervical Spine Doctor?

A cervical spine doctor is a physician that specializes in helping individuals who are having problems in the cervical area of the spine. They may work on this part of the spine specifically or they could work on all parts of the spine, including the neck area. In any case, choosing a qualified doctor is one of the most important decisions you can make to overcome any pain you are experiencing.

The area of the neck is full of many different complex pieces that are associated with the spinal canal. Most of us only think about the individual vertebrae and the discs that help to separate the vertebrae from each other. In reality, there are many other moving parts of the area including muscles, joints, nerves, and ligaments. The neck is responsible for controlling the head movement but it also protects the spinal cord and supports the skull as well. As a result, it is possible that injury could occur in this area more easily than other areas.

Common Issues

Some of the more common issues associated with the cervical spine include ligament and muscle sprains. If you have gone to your primary care doctor because you are experiencing these types of problems, he may refer you to a cervical spine doctor who can help you even further. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, many physicians will refer Dr. Dickerman who is a board-certified neurosurgeon. He can provide many different options for treating spinal problems including many that are nonsurgical in nature. If surgery is required, he provides you with the best options for your consideration.

Some people experience chronic pain in the cervical area of the spine because they had some type of trauma that exposed them to spinal damage. For example, whiplash is a common occurrence that occurs in automobile accidents but it can also occur in many other types of mishaps, including slip and fall accidents. It may not be a problem with trauma but rather, it could be the spine experiencing a degenerative condition or a genetic problem that is associated with the spinal canal as well.

Although nonsurgical treatment options are always considered first, there are times when it may be necessary to have surgery on the cervical spine. The types of surgery depend upon the severity of the problem and the location. Your doctor will decide whether it should be addressed through an anterior or posterior approach. In addition, it may be necessary for spinal fusion to be considered if a disk was partially or fully removed.

Dr. Rob D. Dickerman

Dr. Dickerman is a cervical spine doctor and a neurosurgeon who can help you with these problems. Throughout the RichardsonPlano, and Dallas-Fort Worth area, he has been helping people to overcome spinal problems that affect any part of their back. Contact him to find out how he can help you.

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