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Back Surgery Options

Spine surgery is something that is done on a regular basis but it is not the first option that is often considered. In fact, when you consider the back surgery options that are available, the most common and perhaps most beneficial is the possibility of not having surgery at all. Surgery is invasive and it can lead to even more problems if it is not done properly. Look into the best options available for surgery may sometimes require that you use a nonsurgical choice, such as physical therapy or medication. That being said, there are times when surgery is necessary.

Something else that needs to be considered is the fact that there are different surgical options that may cover the same spinal problem. For example, if you are suffering from a problem with spinal stenosis, your back surgery options might include a laminectomy. This is the most common type of surgery for that issue and it has a high rate of success. It involves decompressing the area to give the spinal cord the room it beats. Another option is a foraminotomy, which also decompresses the area. There may also be other cases, depending upon what is causing the spinal’s the nurses.

The same is also true of those who suffer from a herniated disc. This can be a very painful and life altering problem. The most common surgical option for a herniated disc is known as a discectomy. It removes part of the disc that is resting against the nerve or it may cleanout the area between the vertebrae and remove the disc altogether. Once it takes place, it may be necessary to have a spinal fusion operation. Fusion procedures reduce the possibility that additional problems will occur because it uses two or more of the vertebrae together.

Who do you turn to when you need back surgery and want to discuss your options? If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the best option you have available is Dr. Dickerman. As a board-certified neurosurgeon, he is more than qualified to handle your spinal surgery. In addition, he has helped many people to overcome spine problems without the use of surgery. If those nonsurgical options work for you, you might just stay out of the operating room altogether.

Chronic back pain is a problem that can affect anyone at any age. In some cases, it could be a genetic issue or a deformity but it is more likely a problem with degenerative conditions or the possibility of trauma that has caused a sudden issue in the spine. Those issues could include fractured vertebrae, herniated discs and other problems. Once they occur, it can be something that controls your life for months or perhaps even years.

When you choose the proper doctor, you can be sure that things will go your way to the best extent possible. Dr. Dickerman is the best choice when it comes to back surgery options.

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