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Athletes in Spine Surgery

When you are experiencing problems with your spine, there may be times that a surgical procedure is recommended. These procedures may differ from each other in a number of ways. Some procedures, such as a discectomy, will remove a herniated or damaged disc. In other types of surgeries, it could fuse together vertebrae or care for other necessary items. Although there are many different types of injuries that can occur to the spine and anyone could be prone to those types of injuries, spine problems are more likely to happen with athletes.

Spine surgery in athletes is relatively common and in fact, it takes place more often than most people realize. The following are a few of the more famous athletes who were treated with a surgical procedure.

Peyton Manning – This quarterback is known for his career in the National Football League but he has also undergone a number of spinal surgeries during that time. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy of those procedures was an anterior cervical fusion to treat a herniated disc. It took a year of recovery but Manning was back on the field and playing for the Denver Broncos. He went on to lead them to the 2014 Super Bowl.

Dwight Howard – another well-known case of spine surgery in athletes happen to this basketball star, that played for the Orlando Magic. In 2012, he had a problem with a herniated disc and nonsurgical treatment was unsuccessful. A minimally invasive procedure allowed him to get back on the court again. He did miss his opportunity to play in the Summer Olympics, but he starred on a number of different teams since that time, including the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets.

These are just some of the examples of spine surgery in athletes that can show you what is possible when a competent and qualified surgeon cares for the problem. That is where Dr. Dickerman comes in. He is a board-certified neurosurgeon who specializes in spine surgery in the Richardson, Frisco and Plano area of the Dallas Metroplex. Of course, anyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can take advantage of the spine surgery and other treatment options he offers.

Athletes are often on the surgical table because of the extreme stress that they place on their spine. Even though they are at the top of their game when it comes to health and physical fitness, the spinal column can only take so much stress and abuse. In fact, it is one of the more intricate parts of the human body and could even be considered delicate in some cases.

As long as athletes continue to play on the field, it will be necessary to perform surgical procedures. Dr. Dickerman has helped many athletes who have injured their spine and he is well-qualified to help anyone in the Dallas Metroplex to overcome their difficulties with spine problems. Contact his office today for more information and to set up an initial consultation for your spine problem.

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