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20 Director of Spine Surgery

What do you do with your experiencing spine problems? That problems are one of the most common reason people visit the doctor and in some cases, the pain and other symptoms you are experiencing can be chronic. Choosing the proper doctor is imperative if you want all of the treatment options that are best for your needs. Just like treating any type of health issue, choosing a doctor is one of the most important decisions you can make. That is why you would choose somebody who was not only a qualified doctor, they were also the director of spine surgery.

A medical center that provides any number of different types of surgical procedures is always going to have a director of those types of surgery. As an example, many people in the Dallas Metroplex choose Dr. Dickerman D.O. PhD because he is a spine fellowship trained neurosurgeon and is extensively trained at treating individuals both gone surgically and surgically. Not only that, he is the director of spine surgery at the Medical Ctr., Frisco as well as being the director of neurosurgery at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano. In other words, he is more than qualified to handle your spine problem.

Knowing that somebody has the backing and the qualifications is important when choosing a doctor but it is also important though what they have done for others who experience spine problems. Dr. Dickerman is responsible for treating many people throughout Richardson, Plano in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Those include individuals like you and me as well as elite professional athletes who have come to him was spine problems. Many of those spine problems were successfully treated with nonsurgical options but there were times when surgery was required. When you put yourself in the capable hands of Dr. Dickerman, you can feel comfortable with the fact that you are under the best care possible.

It is also a good idea to look at some of the awards that the doctor mailed one. Since 2011, Dr. Dickerman has been awarded with being one of America’s top neurosurgeons. In addition, he was voted by his peers in the American way magazine is being one of America’s top doctors and is noted as one of the top 15 leaders in neurosurgery. Most people tend to think of the brain when neurosurgery is involved but the fact of the matter is, they do many more spinal operations than brain operations.

When you put everything together, you can clearly see that Dr. Dickerman is a choice that is well worth considering. People in the Dallas-Fort Worth area take advantage of the services but there are also people who come from across the United States in order to have the spine treatment that he provides. It’s a great way to take care of the situation and in many cases, he will offer you options for nonsurgical solutions that can help you to deal with your pain and to live your life free of symptoms.

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