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Trigeminal Neuralgia & Face Pain


Pain is a problem that we all experience in life. It is a natural part of the human body and pain signals are sent through the nerves to the brain, where they are interpreted as the pain we are experiencing. Unfortunately, this process does not always work as it should and there are times when we might experience extreme and ongoing pain, even if there is not a reason to do so. One of those types of pain involves a nerve in the area of the face, the trigeminal nerve. When problems occur, it could lead to Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Trigeminal Neuralgia is a type of face pain and most people who suffer from this problem describe it as being some of the most severe pain they have ever experienced. It can lead to occasional pain that may come and go without warning and could feel like a burning or even a shock like feeling that is extreme. The pain can affect any part of the face but it especially is a problem for areas of the face where the trigeminal nerve branches, including the eyes, nose, lips, forehead, scalp, and jaw.

If you feel as if you suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia, it is important to get a test done to determine if that is the problem or not. For those who live in the Dallas area, you can contact Dr. Dickerman and he will help. He specializes in various problems that involve the spine and brain and has been awarded many times as the top surgeon in his field. He will run reflex tests to find out what is causing the problem. After that takes place, he will determine what type of treatment will work best in your case. Many people in the Hearst and Richardson area have used his services successfully.

There may be a number of issues that could lead to a problem with Trigeminal Neuralgia and face pain. In some cases, it could be a compressed trigeminal nerve but it could also be an issue with multiple sclerosis or perhaps even a tumor that is leading to the problem. There have even been patients that have claimed the problem has occurred after dental work or even a car accident. These are things that can be discussed with Dr. Dickerman so you can get the best treatment possible for your issue.

There are a variety of treatments that may help you to overcome the difficulty and to improve your quality of life. In some cases, it may be a medication that helps to reduce pain but over time, the effect of the medication may diminish. In some cases, it becomes necessary to consider a surgical procedure, and there are a number of options available. They include a microvascular decompression procedure that removes blood vessels, rhizotomy which destroys some of the enervate fibers that may be affected and other procedures. There may also be some home self-care remedies that may be able to help in some cases as well.

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