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Craniotomy for Tumor


There are many issues that could occur in the human brain but one of the more common issues is in the form of a brain tumor. Even though it is seen often, it still is something that doesn’t happen all that often when you compare it with other types of issues. When it does occur, however, there may be a need for some type of medical intervention, including the possibility of needing surgery. One of those types of procedures is the Craniotomy for Tumor, and it may be necessary, depending on the circumstances.

Craniotomy for Tumor is a type of surgery that is to remove a tumor that exists in the frontal lobe of the brain. When an individual goes in for this type of surgery, the doctor will put them under general anesthesia and the operation will be completed by the doctor and a medical staff on hand. It will also likely require that you stay in the hospital after it has been performed and your doctor will help you to see how long you will need to stay. These are some things you can discuss with the doctor when you speak with them.

During the procedure, a number of things will happen to allow the doctor to access the tumor. First, an incision will be made over the top of the skull, typically from one ear to the other ear. This will allow the skin to be pulled down so that the skull is exposed. It will allow the doctor to access the skull so it can be opened to expose the area where the tumor exists. This procedure will take some time but with a skilled physician, it can go well and help you to be rid of the tumor that has been causing you problems.

Most people recognize they have a problem with a frontal lobe tumor because of the symptoms they experience. Those symptoms can include memory loss, loss of smell, loss of vision and paralysis on one side of the body. Some people may also experience changes in their emotional or behavioral makeup. These and other symptoms can alert a person to a serious problem, and if a tumor is detected, a Craniotomy may be suggested.

Tumors can be either primary or secondary. They can also be cancerous or benign. A primary tumor is one that originates in the brain but a secondary tumor comes from another part of the body and metastasized to the brain. Many people with cancer also have brain tumors. Even a benign tumor can be a problem and can cause issues that are either temporary or permanent.

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