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Chiari Decompression


There are many problems that could occur in the human body. Some of those issues may be familiar to many of us and others might be somewhat unknown. If you are suffering from problems that cause a collection of fluid in the spinal cord or if the CSF flow is obstructed, then your doctor may feel that a Chiari Decompression surgery is the best option. This may not be the most common procedure in the world but for those who need it, it can make a significant difference in the life.

The Chiari Decompression is a relatively straightforward procedure but it is one that should be performed by a specialist. If you live in Prosper, Frisco or anywhere in the Dallas area, you can trust that Dr. Dickerman is going to provide you with the care you need. Not only does he help people in the Dallas Metroplex, he also helps people who travel in from all areas of the country. He is well known and has been awarded multiple times for being one of the tops in his field, so if you need to have surgery done in this area, he is the one to call.

The Chiari Decompression is a procedure that allows for an expansion of the space in the back of the skull and spine. The area is opened during the surgical procedure and an additional patch is sewn in to allow for the extra space. Many people who have this procedure done are able to overcome the symptoms they have been experiencing because it relieves the compression of the spinal cord and brain stem. In addition, it allows the cerebrospinal fluid to flow normally, helping to relieve that problem as well.

Prior to the time you have this procedure done, your doctor will talk to you about what is going to take place, including the benefits and any risks that may exist. If you have any questions about the surgery, you can ask him at that time. Some tests will need to be done prior to the surgery taking place, including x-rays, scans, and blood tests. These tests will help the doctor to know if there are any underlying and undetected issues that need to be addressed. You may also need to avoid eating and using anti-inflammatory drugs for a few days before the surgery but your doctor will give you further instructions.

Once the Chiari Decompression is completed, you will probably need to stay in the hospital for a few days to start your recovery. The recovery time may vary, depending on how the procedure went. You will then be sent home with instructions for how to care for yourself and told to make a follow-up visit to the doctor.

Like any surgical procedure, Chiari Decompression comes with the promise of benefits for those who need it. As long as you use a competent surgeon, such as Dr. Dickerman, you can rest assured that things will go as smoothly as possible.


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