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Burr Hole Drainage


Although there are many different issues that may occur in the brain and spine, some of them are obviously going to be more difficult to treat than others. In addition, there may be some types of problems that can cause severe issues and although they may not be a difficulty in and of themselves, they can cause issues that could easily take a person’s life. One of those issues is a condition known as a chronic subdural hematoma. This is a blood clot that occurs in the brain and it can lead to a number of different difficulties, including swelling that occurs because of pressure due to excess fluid.

There may be a number of different treatments available if you have this excess fluid pressure in the brain but one that is often considered is a burr hole. This is a hole that is created in the skull to allow the excess fluid to drain and to reduce some of the pressure that may exist as a result of the subdural hematoma. As the name would suggest, they are drilled in order to evacuate the subdural space and the issue can be one that is chronic.

Although a burr hole may be used to evacuate the blood and fluids that are building up in a chronic subdural hematoma, it is not a type of surgery that is considered for an acute subdural hematoma. If that type of a problem occurs, there may be other types of procedures that are necessary and perhaps medication can be used to help control the problem. Acute subdural hematomas tend to be vicious and drilling small holes in the skull is not going to help to relieve the pressure that may be built up as a result of them.

Prior to the time that the surgery takes place, the side of the head that is suffering is going to be identified and shaved. The area of the hematoma is going to be marked so that the burr hole can be drilled. At that point, the head is further prepared and there are typically two different holes that are made in the skull. The tool that is used by the surgeon has a stop built into it so that the durra is not violated by the tool. At that point, a blade is used in order to open the durra and the irrigation is allowed to take place.

Find a Qualified Surgeon

This type of surgery may take up to 45 minutes and in some cases, a more extensive procedure may be needed. This is something that needs to be discussed with a qualified neurosurgeon and if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can contact Dr. Dickerman to provide you with the help that you need. A burr hole drainage is a serious procedure and it is one that requires a skilled position to care for everything properly. Dr. Dickerman is among the best of the best options available and is a choice that you should make.

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