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Brain Conditions


When most people think about a spine surgeon, they first think about someone who does operations on the spine. That may seem like an obvious conclusion but there are also many spine surgeons who are capable of performing brain surgery as well. Dr. Dickerman is one of those doctors and if you are dealing with some brain conditions in the Bedford or Plano area, he may be able to help you to overcome the difficulty and to regain a measure of health again. Calling his office is the first step and then you can meet with the doctor to check out the possibilities.

Brain & Spine Problems

He is not only interested in helping people with spinal problems, one of his passions is helping people who are suffering from brain problems as well. In fact, he works with and consults with a number of brain and spine companies in order to help them improve their ability to help those with brain problems. In addition, he is well known for taking part in minimally invasive forms of surgery when it comes to operating on the brain or the spine. As a result of performing minimally invasive surgery, there is less of a chance for bleeding, infection and other problems.

Types of Brain Conditions

One of the different types of brain conditions that are treated by him includes brain tumors. This type of a problem can be quite serious and as the tumor grows, it can begin to affect the individual with a variety of symptoms. Brain tumors can be either cancerous or benign and in either case, they could be aggressive and encroach on the brain in a bad way. Many different types of brain tumors can be controlled and with the proper operation, they may also be able to be removed.

Brain Metastasis

Another issue that can be treated by Dr. Dickerman is brain metastasis. These are cancer cells but they do not originate in the brain. They traveled to the brain from other primary tumors that may affect any of the other organs in the human body. A metastatic tumor is a fairly common occurrence in comparison with other types of brain tumors. In fact, it is estimated that up to 45% of all people who have cancer also suffer from brain metastasis. In some cases, these types of tumors are able to be treated by removing them surgically.

Board Certified Brain Surgeon

Many other brain disorders may also be a problem for people throughout the Dallas Metroplex. They include brain seizures, stroke, and aneurysm. In the case of both primary and secondary brain tumors, they could cause neurological malfunctions and could even make the problem worse. If you are suffering from one of these brain conditions or any others, contact the offices of Dr. Dickerman. As a neurosurgeon for the spine has the skills and the knowledge to look into your situation and offer hope. Contact his office today and get things started.

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