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Shoulder Pain

Pain is a common problem that all of us experience. It can be helpful and can alert us to problems within the human body or that occur from external sources. It is also something that can be a nuisance and sometimes, pain can be chronic and difficult to manage. One of the many different areas of the body where we may experience pain is in the shoulder. This type of pain can be anything from a mile nuisance to an indicator that serious health problems are occurring. How can you know the difference?

The nerves in the human body run up and down through the spinal column in the spinal cord. They branch off and head out to various areas of the body and they control almost every function within it. From the beating of our heart to the ability to move our hand from the dinner plate to our mouth is owed to the use of nerves in the human body. When those nerves are operating properly, we benefit. When issues occur with the nerves, however, shoulder pain may result. How is that possible?

One of the more common areas where we may experience back pain is in the neck or cervical spine. Those types of issues can be mild but sometimes, they can also be severe and are better corrected immediately. If we are experiencing a herniated disc in the neck, for example, it may pinch a nerve that goes out into the shoulders and results in shoulder pain that radiates from the area of the neck. Sometimes, we can tell that it is our neck that is causing the pain in her shoulders but at other times, the shoulder may be the only place that is experiencing the difficulty.

There is another type of shoulder pain that can be quite severe and it is one that we should not ignore. One of the symptoms of a heart attack is pain in the shoulder and if you are experiencing that difficulty along with shortness of breath or any other symptoms that may be indicative of a heart problem, it is imperative that you seek immediate medical attention. This is a life-threatening problem but it is one that can sometimes be overcome and corrected if you get medical help soon enough. Don’t ignore shoulder pain when it comes out of the blue and is associated with those other symptoms.

If the pain in your shoulder is due to a problem with your neck, it is important to get the medical attention that is necessary to correct the issue. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can contact Dr. Dickerman and he will assist you through the problem. He is a neurosurgeon and one of the top doctors in his field in the United States. If you are having any problems with your spine, he is the best choice available. Contact him today and see how he has helped many people in the Dallas Metroplex with their spine problem.

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