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Pedicle Screw Fusion

Spine problems can take on many different forms but they often have one thing in common, they change people’s lives because of the chronic pain, numbness and tingling that is associated with them. In some cases, spine problems can be successfully addressed with nonsurgical procedures but there may be times when it is necessary to perform a procedure to provide relief when something is pressing against the nerve root. This is typically the case with a herniated disc but after the disc is removed, it leaves a space between the vertebrae and the entire area becomes unstable.

Spinal fusion surgery is a common type of surgery that is performed on the back and it is one way to help stabilize the spine by fusing two or more of the vertebrae together. It is typically done with a bone graft that grows in the area and connects the two vertebrae naturally. At times, the bone graft is all that is necessary but at other times, your physician may use a pedicle screw fusion surgery, and it can provide further stabilization until the bone graph is able to take hold completely.

Pedicles screws are a specific type of screw that is used in spinal surgery. They are often used as a pedicle screw fusion procedure but the screws themselves do not attach the vertebrae together, nor do they directly provide any stabilization. They can be screwed into consecutive vertebrae, however, and a rod can be inserted between them to provide some stabilization until the bone graft grows. These screws and the rod prevent the vertebrae from moving and increase the possibility that you will have a successful fusion surgery.

Eventually, the bone graft will grow into place and the vertebrae will be permanently fused together. It often forms a bond that is even stronger than the vertebrae by themselves. At that point, your doctor will decide if another procedure is necessary to remove the screws from their place. A pedicle screw fusion surgery is often a one-time shot, however, and only about 5% of those who have this procedure are going to experience discomfort as a result of the screws.

Although pedicle screws are a popular way to fuse the vertebrae until a bone graft grows, there may also be some complications associated with them as well. One of the issues is a rare possibility of nerve root damage and another problem could be infection. This is something that should be discussed with your physician prior to the time that you have a pedicle screw fusion procedure.

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