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Dallas Spine Doctor

Dallas Spine Doctor

Seeing A Dallas Spine Doctor

When you are suffering from problems with your spine have an impact on your entire life. The pain can be quite severe and the fact that it is always present can be difficult as well. If you are suffering from a problem in this area, seeing a Dallas Spine Doctor is one of the most important things you can do. Not only can it help you to overcome pain, it can allow you to get back to your life again. What are some of the different types of problems that a spine doctor can treat?

The spine is a very intricate part of the human body and it is made up of many different vertebrate that are separated by sponge-like material known as the inter-vertebral disc. It is also subject to many different issues that could include problems with the disk, the vertebrae or any of the connecting materials that include ligaments and tendons. When these problems occur, it can upset the entire balance of the spine and since there are many nerves that are run through the area, it can lead to pain, numbness and tingling.

Dallas Spine Doctor: Herniated Disc

One of the more common problems that is treated by a Dallas Spine Doctor is a herniated disc. This problem, also sometimes referred to as a slipped disc or a ruptured disc occurs when the inter-vertebral disc is damaged and the gel like interior comes to the outside. This is not a problem that always causes pain because there will be times in which a herniated disc is not coming in contact with the nerve root. If it is touching the nerve, however, the pain can be severe and prolonged. What are some of the options that they be offered if you have a slipped disc? Your doctor may offer a number of treatments that could include nonsurgical treatments such as physical therapy, medication and spinal injections. In some cases, these may be able to help control the symptoms that you are experiencing and allow you to move at with life. If you continue to experience severe problems as a result of a herniated disc, however, it may be necessary to take things to the next level and consider a spinal surgical procedure. This type of procedure, which usually includes a discectomy, removes some or all of the disk that has been damaged and then fuses the vertebrae together to keep them from moving independently from each other. They can provide relief from your symptoms by removing the disk from the area of the nerve root.

Dr. Dickerman, Dallas Spine Doctor

If you are looking for a Dallas Spine Doctor because you are suffering from any type of spinal problem, there is an option that is well worth looking into. Dr. Dickerman has helped many people. He is one of the top neurosurgeons in the United States and you have access to him in the Dallas area. Contact their office today to find out how they can help you with your spine problems.

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