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30 Spinal Revision

There are many people who undergo spinal surgery in order to overcome various problems they may be experiencing with that part of their body. When surgery is performed, it is often the last option after all nonsurgical options have been considered. It is hoped that the surgery will help to remove the problem and correct the issue to the point where the person will not be experiencing any pain and will have a greater range of movement. The unfortunate reality for some people, however, is that surgery is not always successful and sometimes, spine surgery could result in an increase in symptoms.

If you have spinal surgery and it is not successful, your doctor may feel that it is best to go through a spinal revision procedure. This is a secondary type of procedure that is used to correct any problems that may be associated with the original procedure. When done properly, they can have a high rate of success and often helps people to overcome the difficulties they are experiencing. Failed back syndrome, also known as failed back surgery can lead to persistent pain after the surgery has taken place.

If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can trust the fact that Dr. Dickerman will handle your spinal revision surgery in the most professional way possible. He is a board-certified neurosurgeon and has helped many patients, professional athletes to overcome spinal problems.

One of the reasons why revision surgery may be considered is if there is a considerable formation of scar tissue around the original incision. That can cause a number of different issues, including some better cosmetic. Removing the scar tissue can help. In some cases, the surgery may be done at the wrong site and this can be a serious problem. Additional surgery would obviously be necessary if the wrong part of the body was operated on. In addition, surgery may have taken place in a candidate that was not eligible and this could result in pain.

In most cases, the surgery that takes place after a failed spine surgery can be performed in a minimally invasive fashion. This can really be to your benefit, because it reduces the possibility for a variety of problems. Minimally invasive procedures use a smaller incision so there is less damage to the tissue in the area. It is also less likely that you will experience complications as a result of the revision surgery, such as blood loss, infection and extended recovery time.

Some of the different spinal procedures that may require revision surgery include a laminectomy, facet thermal ablation, discectomy and spinal fusion. If you have any of those procedures and require additional surgeries, you can call Dr. Dickerman for assistance. He is the premier choice for spine problems, regardless of whether you are seeking a nonsurgical treatment option or if you are trying to correct the mistakes of another spine surgeon. He provides the quality care you need to get back on your feet and.

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